Managing Automatic Notifications

You can create and customize automatic notifications using the Notification Editor.

Files inherit notification settings from the folders containing them, but you can define notification settings explicitly and override the inherited settings.

  1. To open the Notification Editor, do one of the following:
    • Click Tools > Notify > My Notifications.
    • Right-click one or more files and click Notify > My Notifications.
    In the Notification Editor dialog box, your current notification settings are listed.

    This includes notifications that you have created and notifications that an administrator has assigned to you.

  2. Use the Notification Editor dialog box to control your notifications by doing any of the following:
    • To create notifications for events affecting a specific folder, click Add Folder Notification.

      In the Select Folder dialog box, select the folder and click OK.

    • To create notifications for events affecting specific files, click Add File Notification.

      In the Browse for File(s) dialog box, select one or more files and click Open.

    • To remove a notification you no longer need, select the notification and click Remove Notification.
    • To edit a notification you have created, select it and click Edit Notification.

      The File Notification or Folder Notification dialog box opens.

    • To view the details of a notification an administrator has created for you, click View Notification. You cannot edit or remove a notification created by an administrator.
    • To control whether a notification will be sent, check or uncheck it in the Activated column. By default, notifications are active when they are created.

      You can deactivate notifications that were created by administrators.

  3. Click OK to apply notification assignments.