Notification Editor

Use the Notification Editor to add notifications and view and edit existing notifications.

To access the Notification Editor:

Right-click a file, folder, or a blank area of the file view, and click Notify > My Notifications.

Notification Controls

Add Folder Notification Prompts you for the folder to which the notification will be added, then displays the Folder Notification dialog box.
Add File Notification Prompts you for the file to which the notification will be added, then displays the File Notification dialog box.
Remove Notification Deletes the selected notification.
Edit Notification Displays the notification dialog box appropriate to the selected notification in edit mode.

You can edit notifications you have created.

View Notification Displays the Folder Notification dialog box in view mode.

If an administrator creates a folder notification and designates you as a recipient, it appears in your notification list. You can view the notification but you cannot modify it.

Notification List

The notification list contains file and folder notifications you have created and folder notifications an administrator has created and assigned to you.

To sort the notification list, click on a header.

Notification Type of notification.
Activated Indicates whether notification is active.

Notifications are active when they are created. Clearing a notification's check box in the Activated column deactivates the notification.

Applies to File or folder notification applies to.
Restrictions Restrictions applied to the notification.

Notifications can be restricted to files you have created or files for which you were the last person to change state.