Title Blocks

When you start a new drawing in SOLIDWORKS, you select a template with a specified paper size and drawing sheet format.

The format can be standard, customized, or no format (specifying size only). When you define a title block, you can specify which template fields are editable and hotspot areas you can click to enter title block data. You can also generate a title block in parts and assemblies.

You can use legacy 2D CAD title blocks. When starting a new drawing or adding a drawing sheet, clear Display sheet format in the Sheet Format/Size dialog box, then import a 2D CAD block.

Standard formats contain title blocks. SOLIDWORKS allows you to edit the sheet format. (You can also save sheet formats for use in future drawings.) You can add, move, format, and delete lines and text.

You can link note data to document properties such as file name, date, sheet number, and so on, or to custom properties that you define.

The title block in a default landscape sheet format contains the following lines and text:

In this example of editing the sheet format, a note with the company name is added, the note with the drawing name is edited, the lines are thickened, and a graphic is added.