Creating and Adding Components to the Library

You can import many 3D components into SOLIDWORKS, or you can create them. When you have the component you need, add connection and route points to it, and add the part to the Component library.

Most suppliers can supply either 3D models or dimensioned drawings of components. In many cases you can import the 3D models directly into SOLIDWORKS. If not, you may need to model them. Once you have the model, add CPoints or RPoints as needed.

You can also download components from the web site

You can also create them by:
  1. Copying an existing component with a new name.
  2. Making any changes you need to the model.
  3. Editing the design table to modify the dimensions.

Certain dimensions and feature names in components are used by the Routing application. It is important to keep these dimensions in any components you create or change.