Creating Excel or XML Files for Cable Wires, Components, or Coverings

Create an Excel spreadsheet with appropriate column headers. For cable libraries, you can create column names for cable libraries and core libraries. Use the following rules when creating the spreadsheet:
All column headers are required. The column headers vary depending on the type of library file you want to create. You can use different header names for the fields in the Excel file and map the names to the library header fields when you import the Excel file.
A cable library needs one row to define the cable, plus a row to define each core. A piping and tubing covering library can have column names for covering libraries and materials libraries. Other libraries need only one row.
The following tables list the column headers for each file type.
Column Header for Cable Library   Column Header for Core Library
Cable Name Outer Diameter   Cable Name Color
Part Number Number of Cores   Wire Name Disp Color
Description Minimum Bend Radius   Size Minimum Bend Radius
Mass per-Unit- Length     Outer Diameter Seal
      Mass per-Unit-Length  

You can view the unit of measure for Minimum Bend Radius and Outer Diameter in the Cable Wire Library Wizard .

When you save the XML file using the Routing Library manager, the XML file and the Routing Library manager use the same unit of measure.

Column Header for Wire Library
Wire Name Disp Color
Part Number Minimum Bend Radius
Description Size
Outer Diameter Seal
Column Header for Component Library
Part Number Pin List
Library Name Terminals
Configuration Name Component Outer Diameter
Description Gauge
Column Header for Ribbon Cable Library
Cable Name Color
Part Number Disp Color
Description Number of Conductors
Thickness Minimum Bend Radius
Column Header for Piping & Tubing Covering Library   Column Header for Piping & Tubing Material Library
Covering ID Packing   Covering ID Melting Point
Covering Name Part Number   SOLIDWORKS Material Library Reinforcement Insert
Covering Type Application   SOLIDWORKS Material Insert
Width Voltage Breakdown   SOLIDWORKS Material ID Composition
Thickness Shape   Material Loss on Ignition
      Color Elongation
      Construction Peel Adhesion
      Service Temperature  
Column Header for Electrical Covering Library
Covering ID Outer Diameter
Covering Name Color
Application Part Number
Cost Description

The cable wire library and the covering library define the mass properties of an electrical route that has cables, cores, wires, and coverings. The software calculates and applies these properties to the solid bodies based on the values set in the libraries. You can view the mass by using SOLIDWORKS Mass Properties.

This example shows an Excel file for one 4-core cable, part number C1, and four individual wires, part numbers 9982 through 9985.

This example shows an Excel file for six components.