DimXpert Dimensions and Drawings

You can import dimensions and tolerances you created using DimXpert for parts into drawings, including into section views.

You cannot use the Model Items PropertyManager to import DimXpert dimensions into drawings.
  • Use the procedures below for importing annotations into detail views and projected views.
  • Right-click the Annotations folder and click Show DimXpert Annotations to show or hide previously imported DimXpert dimensions and tolerances.
  • In drawings, you can change only the display characteristics of dimensions and tolerances created with DimXpert for parts. You cannot edit the tolerance values or any criteria entered in the feature control frame of a geometric tolerance.
  • In the Drawing View PropertyManager:
    Scale To maintain the same balance between the annotations and geometry shown in the annotation views in parts, select Use custom scale and choose Use model text scale when importing drawing views.
  • In a drawing, click Options Tool_Options_Standard.gif > Document Properties > Dimensions:

    Under Offset distances, select Annotation view layout to preserve the layout defined in the annotation view. Clear this option to use the drawing layout to place the dimensions.

  • If you add new DimXpert dimensions to annotation views for which you have already created drawing views, the Annotation Update PropertyManager appears. This PropertyManager appears only once each time you add new DimXpert dimensions. If you do not update the annotations at that time, you must click View > Hide/Show Annotations to show the updated annotations.
  • DimXpert dimensions and tolerances are teal-colored by default.

    To change the default color, click Options Tool_Options_Standard.gif > Colors . Under Color scheme settings, select Annotations > DimXpert and pick the new color.