Using the Feature Selector

The feature selector is a floating, context-sensitive toolbar that you use to distinguish between different DimXpert feature types.

The available feature selector choices depend on the selected face and the active command. Use the feature selector for all feature selections:

  • Dimensions
  • Datums
  • Geometric tolerances
  • Automatic tolerancing schemes
  • Pattern creation

The order of features in the feature selector is based on their complexity:

  • Basic features like planes, cylinders, and cones are on the left.
  • Composite features like counterbore holes, notches, slots, and patterns are in the middle.
  • Compound features like compound holes and intersect points are on the right. Compound features require additional selections.

Within DimXpert, a single face can typically define multiple manufacturing feature types that require different dimensions and tolerances.

Example: Using Feature Selector

To use the feature selector to create individual size dimensions for a pattern of holes:

  1. Open a part to dimension with DimXpert for parts.
  2. Click Size Dimension (MBD Dimension toolbar) or Tools > MBD Dimension > Size Dimension.
  3. Select the face of the left-side hole.
    The feature selector defaults to the 2X hole pattern.

  4. Click Hole on the feature selector.
  5. Click in the graphics area to place the dimension.

  6. In the PropertyManager, under Tolerance/Precision, type 0.5 for Maximum Variation .
  7. Click .
  8. Repeat the procedure for the right-side hole using the default tolerance values.