Evaluating the Environmental Impact of an Assembly (not available with SustainabilityXpress)

You can use Sustainability to evaluate and improve the environmental impact of assemblies. You can refine an assembly design by adding materials to parts or components. You can perform a general analysis, based on default values, or a more accurate analysis, by adjusting values for each component.

General steps are:

  1. Open the assembly and start Sustainability.
  2. If a component does not have a material defined, select it on the Task List and add a material or exclude the component from the calculation.
  3. When you have dealt with all components on the Task List, click View Results.
  4. On the main pane, specify values for Assembly Process, Use, Transportation , and End of Life.
    The total impact of the assembly considers each component's material, manufacturing specifications, transportation mode and distances to the assembly's manufacturing region, and end of life specifications.
  5. On the Environmental Impact dashboard, specify the duration of use for the assembly.
  6. Review the environmental impact of the assembly.
  7. For each component, adjust values by selecting the item in the FeatureManager or graphics area and working on the Selected Items pane.
    Inputs and results are saved separately for each configuration.
  8. Click in the graphics area to return to the main pane and review the environmental impact of the assembly.
  9. (Optionall) Create a report that describes the results.