Evaluating the Environmental Impact of a Part

You can use SustainabilityXpress or Sustainability to evaluate a part. Change the materials and processes used to create the part and see the effect in the Environmental Impact dashboard of the Sustainability Task Pane.

General steps are:

  1. Open a part and start Sustainability.
  2. In the Sustainability Task Pane, in the Material section, select the class and name of a part that is defined in the Sustainability database.

    Click Find Similar to open a dialog box where you can specify parameters to compare the results of using different materials.

  3. In the Manufacturing section, select the manufacturing region and process.

    In SustainabilityXpress, default values are displayed for the length of time the part will last, the amount of electricity or natural gas used in the manufacturing process, and the percentage of scrap that is produced.

    In full Sustainability, you can edit these values.

  4. In the Use section, select the region where the part is used.

    The Use region determines the default values in the Transportation and End of Life sections.

    In full Sustainability, you can edit these values.

  5. Use the Environmental Impact dashboard to view the results of your changes and print a report that describes the results.