Shortcut Bars

Customizable shortcut bars let you create your own set of “non-context” commands for each of the following modes:

You display these bars by pressing a user-definable keyboard shortcut. The default shortcut is the “S” key. Search All Commands appears in the shortcut bar by default so you can quickly search for tools from the pointer location and add them to the shortcut bar. You can customize shortcuts directly from the shortcut bar. Press S to open the shortcut bar. Type in Search All Commands, select a tool, and click Insert Command to add it to the shortcut bar.

You can use the keyboard to access tools in shortcut bars.
Arrow keys Navigates through the tools on the shortcut bar.
Alt + Down arrow Opens the menu, if available, of the selected tool.
Enter Executes the selected tool.
Esc Dismisses the shortcut bar or the tool's menu.