Specifying Find Parameters for Boss or Cut Extrudes

The Find: Boss Extrude Parameters and Find: Cut Extrude Parameters dialog boxes let you specify Find parameters for extrusions. The following parameters are available:


  Start Condition Select a start condition to find. If Offset, set an Offset value.
  End Condition Select an end condition to find.
  Depth Set a value for the depth of the extrude feature.

Toggle to change the comparison symbols >, <, and =.

  With Draft Select to find extrusions by their draft angle. Set an Angle to find extruded features with drafts at a specified angle.

Toggle to change the comparison symbols, if necessary.

  Merge Result (Boss extrudes only) Select Any, On, or Off.
  Flip Side to Cut (Cut extrudes only) Select Any, On, or Off
  Reverse Offset and Translate Surface (For Offset From Surface as End Condition only) Select Any, On, or Off
  Direction2 Select Any, On, or Off. If you select On, set the options similar to Direction1.
  Thin Feature Select to find thin feature extrusions.


Select an option.


Set a value for T1 and T2 (Two-Direction only).

For extrudes created in both directions, only one direction must satisfy the Find criteria to find the feature. For example, a boss extrude has a depth of 5mm in the first direction and 2mm in the second direction. If you Find all extrudes < 3mm, the boss extrude is found because the second direction is less than 3mm.