Specifying Find Parameters for Variable Radius Fillets

The Find: Variable Fillet Parameters dialog box lets you specify Find parameters for variable radius fillets. The following parameters are available:

  Min Radius and Max Radius Set a value to select by radius size.

Toggle to change the comparison symbols >, <, and =.

  Overflow Type Select an overflow type.
  Tangent Propagation Select an option.
  Transition Type Select a transition type.
For fillet chains where each edge has a different fillet radius, the Find function works as follows:

If one or more edges in the fillet chain satisfy the Find criteria, the fillet appears in the feature list. The list indicates the number of edges in the chain that satisfy the Find criteria versus the total edges in the fillet chain. For example, your Find criterion is Min Radius < 2mm. The utility finds a fillet chain that has a total of 7 edges, of which 3 have a fillet Min Radius < 2 mm. The list box displays 3/7 in the Found/Total column next to this feature.