Duplicating Bodies in Sheet Metal Parts

You can create a multibody sheet metal part by duplicating the original part.

Use the following commands on the Features toolbar to duplicate a part:

  • Linear Pattern
  • Circle Driven Pattern
  • Mirror
  • Move/Copy Bodies

Changes you make above the pattern feature in the main FeatureManager design tree are reflected in all bodies.

Changes you make to individual bodies in the cut list apply to only those bodies.

To duplicate a sheet metal body:

  1. In an existing sheet metal part, click Move/Copy Bodies (Features toolbar) or click Insert > Features > Move/Copy .
  2. In the PropertyManager:
    1. Under Bodies to Move/Copy, specify the body to move bodies.png by selecting it in the graphics area or from the cut list in the flyout FeatureManager design tree.
      The triad appears.

    2. Click Copy and set a value for Number of Copies pattern_linear_count.png.
  3. Move the triad to distribute the bodies.
  4. Click .