Inserting a Part to Create a Multibody Sheet Metal Part

The Insert Part command lets you create a multibody sheet metal part by inserting a sheet metal body into another sheet metal part.

When you insert a body and break the links to the source part, the resulting sheet metal body has its own sheet metal definition.

To create a multibody part by inserting a part:

  1. With a sheet metal part document open, click Insert Part (Features toolbar) or Insert > Part .
  2. Browse to the sheet metal part to insert and click Open.
  3. Under Locate Part, select Locate part with Move/Copy feature to define a location for the inserted part in the Locate Part PropertyManager.
  4. To be able to edit the features of the inserted part, under Link, select Break link to original part.
    Breaking the link invalidates any selections you make under Transfer.
  5. Click in the graphics area to place the inserted part.
    If you selected Locate part with Move/Copy feature, the Locate Part PropertyManager opens.
  6. Use the Locate Part PropertyManager to position the inserted part.
    • To use mates to locate the inserted part, click Constraints.
    • To specify parameters to move or rotate the inserted part, set options under Translate and Rotate.
  7. When the inserted part is in the right position, click .
    The FeatureManager design tree now contains:
    • A folder for the inserted part

      Expand the folder to edit the part.

    • A cut list containing a separate folder for each body

      You can also expand these folders to edit the parts.