Adding Mass Properties

To add mass properties:
  1. Enter a Property Name for the mass property.
  2. Select Text from the Type list.
  3. Under Value / Text Expression, select the appropriate mass property from the list.
    Mass properties use the following, system-generated format:

    SW-mass_property@ @ configuration@model_name

    Example: SW-Density@@large@Block.SLDPRT

  4. Press Tab or Enter.
    The value of the property appears under Evaluated Value.
  • Mass properties for non-active configurations do not update until you make the configuration active. If you specify a non-active configuration in Applies to, an asterisk (*) appears under Evaluated Value, and a footnote states Calculated the next time the configuration is active.
  • Units of measure for mass properties are specified in document properties. To access document properties, click Tools > Options, then on the Document Properties tab, click Units. Units of measure for mass properties are specified under Mass property units.