Adding Positions in Mate Controller

You can specify sets of mate values to define various component positions.

Before you begin, add mates to your assembly to define the allowable movement between components. Your assembly must include at least one of the mate types supported by Mate Controller. Supported mate types:
  • Angle
  • Distance
  • LimitAngle
  • LimitDistance
  • PathMate (Distance Along Path, Percent Along Path)
  • Slot (Distance Along Slot, Percent Along Slot)
  • Width (Dimension, Percent)

To add positions in Mate Controller:

  1. Click Mate Controller (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mate Controller.
  2. In the PropertyManager, for Mates, do one of the following:
    • Select mates from the flyout FeatureManager design tree.
    • Click Collect All Supported Mates .
    You can also preselect mates before opening Mate Controller.

    Under Mates Positions, the current values for the mates are shown. These values specify Position 1.

  3. Define the next position.
    1. Enter the mate values for the next position.
      In the graphics area, as you change the mate values, the components move to the new positions.

    2. Under Mates Positions, click Add Position .
    3. In the Name Position dialog box, enter a name or accept the default Position <n> and click OK.
      Position <n> is created from the mate values you entered.
  4. Repeat step 3 to create more positions as needed.