Specifying Find Parameters for Counterbore, Countersink, Hole, Tap, or PipeTap holes

The Find: Hole Parameters dialog box lets you specify Find parameters for holes created with the Hole Wizard feature.

  1. Click the Counterbore, Countersink, Hole, Tap, or PipeTap tab.
    If you select the Hole tab, you find countersink holes as well as plain holes.

    Each tab has a table that lists the available properties and the corresponding parameter values. There is a picture of the type of hole.

    For Legacy and All Wizard Holes, see the sections below.

  2. Select additional search criteria:
    • To select by end condition, double-click All in the Parameter1 column and select an end condition.

      If you selected Blind for the end condition, you can specify the depth of the hole in the Parameter2 column.

      Toggle greater_than.gif to change the comparison symbols >, <, and =.

    • To select by other characteristics:
      Hole Diameter Type the hole diameter for all hole types.
      Hole Type & Depth Select a parameter for Hole type holes.
      Tap Drill Type & Depth, Tap Drill Diameter & Angle, and Thread Depth Specify these parameters for Tap and PipeTap holes.
      Angle at Bottom Type the angle at the bottom of the hole for non-through clearance holes.
      C'Bore Diameter & Depth Type these values for Counterbore holes.
      C'Sink Diameter & Angle Type these values for Countersink holes.

      Toggle greater_than.gif to change the comparison symbols, if necessary.

  3. Click OK to accept the Find parameters and close the dialog box.