SOLIDWORKS® 2022 improves the performance of specific tools and workflows.

Some of the highlights for performance and workflow improvements are:


Performance is improved for importing:
  • A large DXF or DWG file into a part sketch.

    You can import a large DXF or DWG file into a part sketch with the Explode Block option turned off. You no longer need to explode the blocks to improve import performance.

  • STEP files in SOLIDWORKS.


Improved performance when opening, saving, and closing assemblies.

Model Display

SOLIDWORKS 2022 offers improved performance for 3D textures and silhouette edges.
Functionality Performance Improvement
3D textures 3D textures accelerate the process of refining the mesh to better match the detail in the textural appearance image. You can further refine the Maximum Element Size below its previous limit.
Silhouette edges Performance is improved for rendering silhouette edges in dynamic mode. You can see the silhouette edges in Shaded With Edges mode.


Performance is improved when you print large drawings on paper or to file. This applies to drawings where you:
  • Have at least one drawing view as draft quality
  • Specify these options in the Page Setup dialog box:
    • High quality
    • Color / Gray scale


SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 offers improved performance for enhancing the user experience.

Functionality Performance Improvement
Bill of material (BOM) display When specifying the Number of BOM levels to display options at 1, large BOMs display up to five times faster. For BOMs with Link to 3rd Party fields configured, the time required to calculate the values has decreased.
Projects For projects with a high number of stages or Tasks, the Gantt chart display is faster than in previous releases.
Check out/Check in of SOLIDWORKS PDM files from SOLIDWORKS Manage In previous releases, the Check Out/Check In operations refreshed the entire grid in the background. Now, only the individual line item that last changed refreshes, making performance faster.

Pack and Go

Pack and Go gathers references faster in 2022 than in previous releases. The time between initiating Pack and Go for a document and when the Pack and Go dialog box appears is reduced substantially.


With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022, you can experience improved performance of many file-based operations. You can perform the following actions faster for database servers with high latency:

  • Open files
  • Display the Save As dialog box
  • Copy Tree
  • Create a document in SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS PDM has improved performance for the following:

  • Saving a data card with a large number of file extensions is faster by 15% to 60%.
  • Checking in a drawing with a large SOLIDWORKS bill of materials (BOM) is significantly quicker.
  • Displaying files in the Where Used tab with the Show All option and additional custom columns is many times faster for certain vaults.
  • Displaying the Transition dialog box for dynamic notifications is quicker.
  • Loading a Web2 preview is between 1.5 and 2 times faster for large models.


  • Saving models that have simulation studies is faster, if at least one or more simulation studies are not modified.
  • Function-based processing for the FFEPlus iterative and Intel Direct Sparse solvers is extended to simulation studies that include connectors and other features. The automatic solver selection is extended to Nonlinear, Frequency, and Buckling studies.


The performance of the Cool and Fill analysis modules is improved to accelerate the overall analysis time.

  • For simulations where the Cool analysis takes up a large proportion of the overall solution time, the overall solution time is reduced by at least 20% compared to previous releases.
  • The performance of the Fill and Pack analyses with the Direct solver option is optimized. The overall solution time is reduced by approximately 50% compared to previous releases. For relatively thick parts that are meshed with hexahedral elements, the Direct solver more accurately predicts the inertial effects.