SPR Fixes

We have fixed a large number of Software Performance Reports (SPRs) in SOLIDWORKS 2022 by development projects specifically selected to address quality and performance issues reported by customers.

See the full list of fixed SPRs.

SPR Resolution
828867 Dimensions import properly when you replace a model in a drawing.
1195411 If you open a .JT file and select Include PMI when importing the file, the text on part faces imports properly.
1024876 Hole Wizard data imports properly for drawings with mirrored parts.
1083466 In an assembly, a driven part uses saved data to recreate geometry when data from the driving part is not available. This issue occurs when you switch configurations for the driven part and the data from the driving part is not available because it is in the inactive configuration.
190949 Includes the paper color when you save drawings as image and PDF file formats.