Top Enhancements

The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS® 2022 provide improvements to existing products and innovative new functionality.

Installation Standard, Remote, and Compressed Administrative Images
Parts and Features
  • Using Numeric Values to Define Coordinate Systems
  • Selection for Coordinate Systems
  • Draft Across Parting Lines
  • External Threaded Stud Wizard
  • Hole Wizard Slots
  • Hybrid Modeling
  • Mirroring About Two Planes
Sheet Metal Etched Contours on Bends
Structure System and Weldments Connection Element for a Structure System
  • Open subassemblies in Large Design Review or resolved mode from an assembly opened in Large Design Review mode.
  • Use Configuration Table to modify configuration parameters for parts and assemblies with multiple configurations.
Detailing and Drawings
  • Detailing Mode
  • Geometric Tolerance Symbols
  • Symmetric Linear Diameter Dimensions
Import/Export Importing Selective IFC Entities from IFC Files