Match Camera Dialog Box

To access this dialog box:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional, open a project that has a backplate.
  2. Click Tools > Match Camera.
Vanishing Points Specifies Two dimensions (horizontal) or Three dimensions (horizontal and vertical axes).

Two is recommended.

Reference Axes Flips the reference axes.

Depending on the order and direction of the axes, the Camera Match tool may result in a camera that is oriented upside down.

Lock Rotation Locks the camera longitude so that the object remains focused from the same angle.
Display Options
  • Horizon. Shows the horizon line (yellow dashed line).
  • Line Extensions. Shows the dashed extensions of the vanishing lines (red, blue, green lines).
  • Vanishing Points. Shows the vanishing points (hollow red and blue points) on the Horizon.
Reset Resets the vanishing lines and points to their default locations.
Status Indicates whether the match camera solution is mathematically solvable. If Undefined, the camera properties remain unchanged.