Render Output Viewer

You can use the render Output Viewer to manage render jobs and their respective output on a per project basis. You can recall (or re-execute) any previous rendering done in a project, directly from the render Output Viewer.

Previously, rendered jobs were not stored with the project and thumbnails were not available for viewing. This made it difficult to share renderings among users. With the render Output Viewer:
  • Referenced rendered output remains when you save a project. For example, if you send the project to another user, that user can see the rendered output content in the Output Viewer.
  • Render jobs can include an individual image or multiple rendered images. Content includes:
    • Single image renders
    • 360 camera renders
    • Rendered layers (such as Albedo, Alpha, and Depth)
    • Configurations
    • All camera renders
  • You can scroll through thumbnails of rendered output content and multiselect rendered content to publish to 3DSpace or 3DSwym®.

The Render tab has been renamed to the Output Viewer tab. Click Output Tools (Main toolbar). In the Output Tools dialog box, click Start Render or click View > Show Output Viewer.