Using a Shadow Catcher

To use a shadow catcher:

  1. In the Palette, on the Models tab, select a part in the Model tree to use as a shadow catcher.
  2. On the General subtab, under Shadow Catcher, specify:
    • Enable. Turns on the shadow catcher functionality.
    • Shadow Intensity. Lightens or darkens the shadow.
    • Reflection. Specifies the amount of reflectivity on the shadow catcher object.
    • Roughness. Specifies how blurry the reflections appear for Reflections greater than 0.
    • Advanced Caustics. Improves the quality of caustic reflections in some scenes. This applies globally in the scene (not per shadow catcher object). An example is the shifting patterns of light and shade cast on the floor of a swimming pool on a sunny day.
    A plane is at the back wall of the stage in the backplate image When you specify the plane as a shadow catcher, you see the backplate image with the shadow cast more naturally