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Properties tab

Dockable panel: Properties

Menu: Modify > Properties


The dockable panel contains a specific tab allowing you to display the properties of the selected element. The properties can be graphical properties (stored in the graphical entities) or data stored in the electrical project database or the software database.


This element can be:

  • A electrical project page (in the Pages tab).

  • A component (in the Components tab).

  • Any graphical electrical objects (wire, symbol, location and function outline in the graphical area).

  • Any basic entities (line, circle, arc or texts in the graphical area).

  • A symbol (Graphical edition mode).

  • A 2D footprint (Graphical edition mode).

  • A title block (Graphical edition mode).

The object properties can be displayed in a specific dialog box.

electrical project elements

The electrical project elements group all elements depending on the electrical project, such as electrical project pages, components or electrical entities.

When you select a electrical project element, specific icons appears to edit its properties.


Click this button to edit the electrical properties of the selected element.

Validates the modifications done in the properties tab.

Cancels the modifications done in the properties tab.


In edition mode, several data cannot be modified because they are managed by the software or by the electrical project configuration.

This feature accepts multi-selection but you must select elements of the same type (for example, you cannot select a symbol and a drawing). When you select several elements, such as different type of wires, only common properties are displayed.

In multi-selection mode, a grey cell indicates that the data of the selected elements are different. In edition mode, the grey color is replaced by purple.

Page elements

The Properties tab displays the properties of each electrical project element (electrical project, book, folder, drawings, data files) selected in the Pages tab. If you select different types of elements (such as folders and drawings), new tabs appear to sort the elements.

For example, if you select a folder and a drawing, two tabs are displayed. You can get access to the folder properties from the Folder tab and to the drawing properties from the Drawing tab.

Component elements

As the page elements, when you select several different types of elements in the Components tab, new tabs appear in the Properties tab corresponding to each type of component (location, component, terminal strip).

Graphical entities

To edit the properties of a selected element in the graphical area, you must select one element or only elements of a same type (multi-selection). If you select several type of entities, only the Graphical properties tab appears and you cannot change the electrical properties.

The wire properties are not available when the Deferred mode is activated.

Some specific tabs appear, corresponding to the selected entity type. For example, when you select a wire, several tabs can be displayed corresponding to all settings you can find on this wire (equipotential, cable, cable core, wire style).

The Graphical properties tab displays the graphical settings of the selected elements. Some of these settings cannot be changed because they are managed by the configurations. On the top of this tab, you can find a list, grouping the selected entities, by type. On a multi-selection, the tab displays the common data.

Software elements

The Properties tab displays the settings of the basic graphical entities like lines, circles or texts. It also displays the data of elements stored in the Management dialog boxes (symbols, title blocks and 2D footprints).

Basic entities

On a basic entity selection, only the Graphical properties tab is available. If you select different type of entities, these are grouped in the list on the top of the tab. The settings displayed are those of the selected group or the entire selection. When you change the properties of elements, they are automatically updated in the graphical area.

Management dialog box elements

In graphical Management dialog boxes, when you edit an element, like a symbol, a 2D footprint or a title block, the Properties tab displays the data of the selected level.

For a symbol, you can access to the properties of the symbol, the circuit, the connection point and the attribute. For a 2D footprint and a title block, you can also access to their properties and the attribute properties.

When the selected element has a graphical representation (basic graphical entity, attribute and connection point), the Graphical properties tab is available.

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