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Import DWG files

You can import DWG files into SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

If the file contains symbols or title blocks, the wizard allows you to establish a correspondence with SOLIDWORKS Electrical symbols or title blocks.


Menu: Import/Export > Import DWG files


The import wizard opens and will guide you through the procedure.

Step 1. Welcome to the import file wizard

Folder of files to import: Select the directory where the files to import are located.

Import configuration: You can also select an import configuration file containing all the import parameters.

Destination book: Select the book into which the files need to be imported.

Step 2. Definition of file types to import

In the second step, SOLIDWORKS Electrical lists all the files contained in the selected directory.


Preview: Opens the selected drawing in a preview window.

Covert page: Imports as a cover page.

Scheme: Imports as a scheme.

Line diagram: Imports as a wiring line diagram.

Mixed scheme: Imports as a mixed scheme.

Data file: Imports as a data file.

Delete: Deletes the file.


You can manage the type of drawing (cover page, line diagram, scheme drawing, mixed scheme, or data file) by selecting the drawing and clicking one of the icons.

You can also delete files you do not wish to import.


Renumber files automatically: The check box allows you to either keep the name of the file or automatically calculate a drawing number.

Convert all the lines: When the DWG file contains lines representing wires, they can be imported as simple lines or integrated as wires.


List mode: Displays the imported files in the form of a list.

Thumbnail mode: Displays the imported files in the form of thumbnail previews.

Configuration: Allows you to manage the display settings for items in the dialog box.

Step 3. Symbol and title block import mapping

In this step, create a mapping rule by selecting the element and clicking one of the icons.


You can place blocks recognized as symbols or title blocks in the library. Select the element in the list and click the icon. An archive file is created, then you have to launch the title block or symbol import wizard.

Opens the title block selector to establish a correspondence with an existing title block.

Opens the symbol selector to establish a correspondence with an existing symbol.

The element will not be replaced and will not be managed by the software.

Deletes the selected block's correspondence in the Import DWG configuration. This option cannot be confused with the Delete check box that allows you to delete the block in the imported DWG file's list.


Hide attributes: Check this case to hide the attributes of the selected object in the preview section.

Show all mapping: Activate this option to show all the mapping defined in the selected configuration, even if the symbol is not in the selected files to import.

Steps 4 and 5. Title block and Symbol attribute mapping

The following two steps create a correspondence on the title block attributes and on the symbol attributes.

Click the [...] button. The list of attributes is displayed, allowing you to select the corresponding SOLIDWORKS Electrical attribute.

Step 6. Terminal symbol attribute mapping

This step allows you to manage the attributes of the cascaded components, such as terminals. Like the previous step, creates the correspondence between the imported attributes and the software attributes.

Step 7. Import options

This option allows you to connect wires when they are disconnected. Enter the offset value corresponding to the missing segment. All the wire end points of wires located in the offset square are automatically connected.

Step 8. Save your settings and import your files

The last step in the wizard allows you to save the configuration of the import parameters. This configuration will then be available to use for a new import.

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