Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManager

As an alternative to a full mold cooling analysis, the Mold Wall Temperature boundary condition allows you to define a temperature field that varies over the surface of the cavity.

To open the Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, right-click Boundary Conditions, and click Mold Wall Temperature .


On the cavity surface, select individual faces, or a group of faces with a bounding box to apply a mold temperature.

Faces Specifies faces on the cavity surface where you specify the mold wall temperature.
Wall Temperature Defines the temperature of the mold for the selected faces.

For a more detailed consideration of mold temperature, you can perform a COOL simulation that computes the heat transfer between the cavity, mold, and cooling channels. These COOL simulation results provide temperatures that vary both in location and over time. These results override any temperature values you enter in the Fill Settings and Mold Wall Temperature PropertyManagers.

If you do not assign any mold wall temperature to surfaces as a boundary condition, the value you define in Fill Settings > Mold Temperature applies a uniform mold temperature for the whole cavity surface. The uniform mold temperature can also vary over time.