Simulation Evaluator

Simulation Evaluator inspects a study's setup to determine if the setup is optimal for a successful simulation.

Before running a study, access the Simulation Evaluator to see If there are blocking conditions that prevent a successful simulation run.

To access the Simulation Evaluator, do one of the following:

  • In the Simulation CommandManager, click Simulation Evaluator .
  • In a Simulation study tree, right-click the top study icon, and click Simulation Evaluator .
The Simulation Evaluator dialog box provides information related to the following conditions:
  • File path for the model and the results file
  • Available storage capacity of the results drive
  • Material assignments for all bodies
  • Mesh volume and geometry volume
  • Friction coefficient for contact conditions
  • Material definitions with a Poisson's ratio larger than 0.5, which is an invalid definition (for linear static studies).

In the Simulation Evaluator dialog box, click Save to save the content of the dialog box in a .txt document.