Creating a Study

To create a study:

  1. Click New Study (Simulation CommandManager).
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Name, enter a name for Study name.
  3. Under Type, select one of the following:
    Static Fatigue
    Frequency Nonlinear
    Buckling Linear Dynamic
    Thermal Pressure Vessel Design
    Drop Test Design Study
  4. Click .
    A Simulation study tab with the name of the study appears under the graphics area. Clicking a Simulation study tab displays the corresponding Simulation study tree.
    • To view details about a study:
      • Click the Simulation study tab to display the study tree.
      • Right-click the icon in the Simulation study tree and click Details.
      Properties of the study play an important role in defining it. To view or modify the properties of a study, right-click the icon in the Simulation study tree and click Properties.
    • To delete a study, right-click the Simulation study tab and click Delete.
You can create a study using duplicate.
You can move the pointer over the Simulation study tab of a running study to see its status.