Remeshing Selected Bodies

After you mesh an assembly or a multibody part, you can refine the mesh for selected bodies or bodies that failed to mesh.

To remesh only selected bodies:
  1. Mesh all parts using the default mesh settings.
  2. In the Simulation study tree, under Parts, right-click the parts to remesh (or the parts that have previously failed to mesh), and select Remesh.
    The Remesh command is not available for beams.
  3. In the Mesh Control PropertyManager, set the new element size and select Create Mesh.

    Only the selected parts are remeshed. A mesh control feature appears under Mesh > Mesh Controls in the study tree.

    When you remesh selected components, the program applies mesh controls using the curvature-based mesher. Subsequent meshing operations use the curvature-based mesher by default. The remeshed bodies share an incompatible mesh with the neighboring parts.
    If a mesh control definition is already defined for a selected entity, the program applies the smallest mesh control size.

You can mesh bodies individually without meshing the entire assembly. Right-click the body, and select Create Mesh. The program changes the global mesh option to the curvature-based mesher. If you mesh some (but not all) bodies of an assembly before you run the study, only the bodies without mesh will be meshed.