Dynamic Feature Editing

You can edit features dynamically by dragging the entities of a sketch, either with or without opening the sketch itself.

Entities cannot be moved or resized if they are constrained by dimensions or relationships.

To dynamically edit a sketch without opening it:

  1. Click Instant3D on the Features toolbar.
  2. Click the feature to edit.
    The feature is highlighted in the graphics area. The model is not rolled back. If more than one sketch is used to create the feature (for example, if the selected feature is a loft or a sweep), all the sketches used in the feature are highlighted.

  3. In the graphics area, click the feature to display drag handles.

  4. Use the drag handles to drag the sketch entities as needed.
  5. When you are satisfied with the feature, click an empty area of the document window or press Esc to clear the selected sketch entity.
    Even though the fillet feature was created separately from the cut extrude, it moves and changes size with the cut extrude because of parent and child relations.