Using Part Reviewer

You can use Part Reviewer to review how parts are created feature-by-feature. Part Reviewer can help you learn best practices for creating various types of parts.

Part Reviewer sample parts are located in the SOLIDWORKS Forum. These sample parts contain comments about their features to teach you how they were created and why they were used. You can also create your own parts and add your own comments.

To access Part Reviewer, click Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Part Reviewer. The Part Reviewer tab appears in the Task Pane.

To use Part Reviewer:

  1. Open a part.
  2. In the Task Pane, click the Part Reviewer tab .
    You should click to keep the pane open.
  3. Use the controls to step forward or backward through the features of the part. part_reviewer_1

    The FeatureManager design tree updates as you step through the features of the model. Comments that were added to features appear in the Part Reviewer pane.

  4. To show sketch details, click part_reviewer_2.
  5. To show only features with comments, click part_reviewer_3.
  6. To edit feature name and comments, click part_reviewer_4.
    1. Edit the feature name and add or edit comments in the comment box.
    2. Click Date/Time Stamp to add the current date and time to the comments.
    3. Click Save and Close to update the feature name and comments in the FeatureManager design tree or click Cancel.
      Click Delete to remove comments.
  7. To hide a feature, click part_reviewer_5.