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Welding Entities

Use the Weld command to merge two entities into one. You can merge Lines, open PolyLines, Arcs, elliptical Arcs, or open Splines. You can also transform Arcs to Circles and elliptical Arcs to Ellipses.

Use these guidelines when welding entities:

  • Lines must be aligned in one direction. You can join Lines that are co-linear, in which case the farthest end points remain and a new line connects them.
  • Lines that are not co-linear, without space between them, are joined to a PolyLine.
  • Arcs must share the same center point and radius. Arcs are joined counterclockwise beginning from the source entity.
  • Elliptical Arcs must lie on the same Ellipse. Elliptical Arcs are joined counterclockwise beginning from the source entity.
  • PolyLines can join Lines, Arcs, or PolyLines resulting in a single PolyLine. You can only merge entities that lie end-to-end to the source PolyLine and attached specified entities. The entities must lie on the same plane. Unlike joining Lines, Arcs, or elliptical Arcs, you cannot join entities with a space between them if the source entity is a PolyLine. Note that the EditPolyLine command also lets you join entities to existing PolyLines.
  • Splines must have no gaps between them. The appearance of the Spline changes if the transition between the origin entities is not tangential.

To weld entities:

  1. Click Modify > Weld (or type Weld).
  2. Select a base entity.
  3. Specify entities to merge with the source entity.

    You can specify the Close option when you are prompted for an Arc or an elliptical Arc. Close converts an Arc into a Circle or an elliptical Arc into a full Ellipse.

  4. Press Enter.


Command: Weld

Menu: Modify > Weld

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