Types of Column Set

In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, you can view file lists based on column sets.

Column sets are used in the following dialog boxes and views:

Type Available In
File Details Columns
  • Contains tab
  • Where used tab
File Operations Columns
  • Change state dialog box
  • Check in dialog box
  • Check out dialog box
  • Get dialog box
  • Undo check out dialog box
File List Columns File view
Quick Search Result Columns File view
Search Result Columns Search view

Based on the assigned permissions, you might have access to the following column set preferences. To switch preference, right-click any column header, select Column Sets, and then select your preference.

Preference Description
Default Columns This standard column set is available to all users. You can modify column width and order.
My Columns If you have the required administrative permissions, you can add and remove columns directly in the file details and file operations user interface. Right-click any column header, select Column Sets, and then select My Columns to specify it as the active column set. You can then use the Columns menu to add or remove columns.
This column set is specific to the user's login and the client machine.
You must have the following administrative permissions to access My Columns:
  • Can view and modify My Columns in File Details
  • Can view and modify My Columns in File Operations
Administrator defined column sets Administrators can create and assign column sets to users and groups from the Administration tool. In the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, users can right-click a column header row and select a column set that is available to them.
For each column set type:
  • When a user selects an administrator-defined column set on a client, the defined visible columns, column order, and column size are saved in the registry on the client machine.
  • After a user has accessed the column set on a client machine, if the administrator adds a column, it is added at the rightmost position.
  • Modifications to column position and size in an existing column set are not updated for users who have already accessed the column set.