Search Method Comparison

Use this table to determine the best search method to meet your needs.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool Embedded search
Applicable to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Applicable to SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Supports searches for:
  • Files and folders
  • Users
  • Items
Supports search for files and folders.
Separate interface. Embedded in Windows File Explorer and other file-based dialog boxes such as Open and Search.
Lets you choose the vault to search and search multiple vaults. Search is performed in the vault from which you initiate it.
Supports creating and deleting Favorite searches.

Does not support creating and deleting Favorite searches.

All commands are available on the toolbar, Search, and Edit menus and file shortcut menu.

These include the following commands that are not available in an embedded search and are applicable to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only.

  • Open search result

    Opens an Excel spreadsheet containing the search results.

  • Save search result

    Saves search results as a comma-separated file.

  • Print files

    Prints the selected files.

  • Help

    Provides field level help for search forms.

Commands are available on the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar and file shortcut menu.

These include the following command that is not available in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search tool:

  • Browse to

    Changes the focus of Windows File Explorer to the folder containing the selected file and closes the search.