Using Quick Search

To use quick search:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, navigate to the vault or folder to search.
  2. Press Ctrl + F to access the quick search box.
  3. Click the list arrow in the quick search box to specify the search settings.
  4. From Search for, Search in, and Search variables in, select the appropriate search categories.
    You can select multiple options to search for.
    Search for File/Folder name Searches for the names of files or folders that match the search string.
    Administrator-defined variables A list of administrator-defined variables. Searches for the value of selected variables in the data card fields.
    Search in Current Folder Searches for the string in the current folder.
    Current Folder & Subfolders Searches for the string in the current folder and its subfolders.
    All Folders Searches for the string in all folders.
    Search variables in Latest version Limits the search to the latest version.
    All versions Searches for the string in all versions.
    The Latest version and All versions options are available based on the following settings in the Administration tool:
    • Whether variables are selected in the Quick Search Variable Lists or not.
    • Selection of Always work with latest version of files.
    Match search term in Single variable/configuration Limits the search to a single variable or configuration.
    All variables/configurations Searches for the string in all variables or configurations.
  5. In the quick search box, enter the search strings and press Enter.
    The search results appear in the same window.
  6. Click Close Search to clear the search results and to return the file list.