Notifications alert users to SOLIDWORKS PDM activity.

Notifications can be messages that the system generates automatically based on workflow settings, messages that you request about changes to items (as well as files or folders), or messages sent by other SOLIDWORKS PDM users.

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Notification Editor does not support items.

When you receive a notification, a message appears in the Windows system tray. You can view and manage your messages from the SOLIDWORKS PDM Inbox. In the Inbox, you can forward a message or write a new message to a SOLIDWORKS PDM user or group.

Checking Your Inbox

The Inbox contains SOLIDWORKS PDM notification messages.

To check your Inbox:

  1. Click Inbox (toolbar).
  2. From SOLIDWORKS PDM Inbox, click a vault name and then click a notification type: External Notifications, File Notifications, Folder Notifications, Item Notifications, Task Notifications, or Text Messages.
    Bolded text indicates there are messages of that type.
  3. Click a message in the list to open it.

See SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer Help for details about using the Inbox.