Main Pane

The main pane lists items in the active folder or the item structure of the selected item.

The content of the main pane depends on what you select from the navigation pane:
  • When you select a vault or item folder, the main pane lists its items. Expand an item to see the its child items and file links.
  • When you select an item, the main pane displays the item expanded to show linked files and items. Auto-update links to files are bold.

Select items from the main pane to perform actions such as checking out and changing workflow state.

An item with a green refresh overlay icon and red text indicates that it was not automatically updated to reflect a change to its linked file.
Item ID

Unique item identifier, or file name for linked files.


Item display name. The default is the data card Description, but is configurable by the administrator.

For CAD files, when an item data card property is mapped to a file data card property (as for Description), the property value is taken from the referenced configuration. If that value is empty, or if the item references the file independent of configuration, the value is taken from the custom properties (@ tab).


Version number of the local (cached) item or file. Use the Contains tab to see the linked versions of items and files.


Workflow state of the item or file, such as Under Editing or Waiting for approval.

Checked Out By

Shows users who have items or files checked out.

For items, one of the following (in order of precedence):
  1. The file name of the auto-update file link.
  2. The file name of the first (alphabetically) non-auto-update link of a file type that supports item generation. (Your administrator configures which file types support item generation from the Administration tool.)
  3. The file name of the first (alphabetically) non-auto-update link of a file type that does not support item generation.
  4. Blank (no value), which indicates the item has no file links.
For files, this column is always blank.

For CAD files with configurations, the configuration to which the item is linked, or blank if the link is to the file and not a specific configuration. For items, this column is always blank.

Found in

Vault folder containing the item or file.

  • View additional item properties such as categories and data card properties from the item tabs..
  • Drag column headers to change column order.
  • Click a column header to sort by that column.