Selecting Items, Files, and Folders

Select items, files, and folders to operate on them.

Depending on the command:
  • You can select one or multiple items and files. You cannot select multiple folders.
  • You can select a combination of items and files.
  • Operations on a folder affect either the folder itself (such as Rename) or the content of the folder (such as Check Out).

To select and operate on items, files, and folders:

  1. Do one:
    • To select a single item, file, or folder, click it.
    • To select consecutive items or files, click the first item or file, then hold down the Shift key and click the last item or file.
      You can also drag a bounding box around items and files to select them.
    • To select nonconsecutive items or files, press and hold the Ctrl key, then click each item and file.
    • To select all items and files in a folder, click in the main pane, then click Edit > Select All.
  2. Operate on your selection:
    • Right-click your selection and select a command from the menu.
      You can right-click a single item, file, or folder without first selecting it.
    • Click an icon from the Toolbar.
    • Click a command from the Menu Bar.
    • For move and copy operations, drag your selection to a new location.