Exporting to a SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project

After you balloon the inspection characteristics, you can export the inspection project to a SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project file (.ixprj).

You can generate the ballooned drawings and inspection reports quickly in SOLIDWORKS using the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in. You can open the inspection project (.ixprj) in the standalone application to enter measurements and import CMM results.

If you change the original drawing, you need to recreate or update the project in SOLIDWORKS and re-export.

To export to a SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project:

  1. Click Export to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project (SOLIDWORKS Inspection toolbar).
  2. Specify the file name and location and click Save.
    Most properties, such as characteristic number, nominal value, plus and minus tolerances, inspection method, operation, and default tolerance are saved in the project.