FeatureWorks Options

Allows you to customize FeatureWorks options and set default values.

To specify default options for Feature Recognition, click FeatureWorks Options (Features toolbar) or Insert > FeatureWorks > Options.
General Overwrite existing file Create the new features in the existing part document, and replace the original imported body.
  Create new file Create the new features in a new part document
  Prompt for feature recognition as part opens. When selected, feature recognition begins automatically when you open a part as an imported solid body in a SOLIDWORKS part document from another system.
Dimensions/Relations Enable Auto Dimensioning of Sketches Automatically adds dimensions to recognized features.
  Scheme Sets the dimensioning scheme as Baseline, Chain, or Ordinate.
  Placement Sets the Horizontal and Vertical placement of dimensions.

Add constraints to sketch

Adds a Fix relation to each entity in a sketch, fully defining the sketch. If this check box is not selected, the sketch entities remain under defined. FeatureWorks recognizes concentric relations.

See Recognized Sketch Constraints for details about recognition of relations and constraints.
Resize Tool Recognition Order Sets the order in which the resize tool recognizes features. For example, if you placed Cut Revolve above Hole, the software tries to first recognize the feature as a cut revolve. If that recognition fails, then the software tries to recognize the feature as a hole.
  Automatically recognize child features when using Edit Feature While using Edit Feature to recognize faces on imported bodies, recognizes child features of the face. Select Yes, No, or Prompt.
Advanced Controls Diagnose

Allow failed feature creation

Allows the software to create features that have rebuild errors. If this check box is not selected, the software fails to recognize any features if one or more features have a rebuild error.

Perform body difference check

Compares the original imported body to the new body after feature recognition. A body difference occurs only if you delete one or more faces during feature recognition. This check box is available only if you select Create new file under File.


Do not perform feature intrusion check

When you select this check box, the software does not check for features that intrude upon one another during Automatic Feature Recognition.

Do not perform body check

When you do not select this check box, the software periodically checks the body during feature recognition. If this check box is selected, the software does not check the body for any errors (resulting in faster performance.)


Recognize holes as wizard holes

Recognizes holes as Hole Wizard holes. FeatureWorks supports recognition of:

  • Counterbore, Countersink, and Tap (ANSI Metric standard only)
  • Pipe tap (ISO standard only)
  • Generic Hole type Hole Wizard features

All other types of Hole Wizard holes are recognized as Hole Wizard Legacy type holes.

To recognize Hole Wizard holes, FeatureWorks must be able to reference the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox’s swbrowser.sldedb file. For example, if you reference a shared toolbox on a network, you must be connected to that network to be able to recognize Hole Wizard holes using FeatureWorks.
  Automatic Recognition

Combine Fillets

When selected, automatically combines fillets with the same radius into a single feature.

Combine Chamfers

When selected, automatically combines chamfers with the same angle and width into a single feature.

Combine Holes

When selected, automatically combines holes with similar parameters on the same plane into a single feature.