Note PropertyManager

Use the Note PropertyManager to insert a note, or to edit an existing note, balloon note, or revision symbol.

To open this PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • Click Note (Annotation toolbar), or click Insert > Annotations > Note.
  • Select one or more notes.
  • Right-click one or more notes (hold down Ctrl while you select a group of notes).


In addition to the functionality described in Style, notes have two types of favorite styles:

With text If you type text in a note and save it as a style, the text is saved with the note properties. When you create a new note, select the favorite, and place the note in the graphics area, the note appears with the text. If you select text in the document and then select a style, the properties of the style are applied without changing the selected text.
Without text If you create a note without text and save it as a style, only the note properties are saved.

Text Format

Left Align

Center Align

Right Align

Aligns the text horizontally.

Top Align

Middle Align

Bottom Align

Aligns the text vertically.
Fit Text Click to compress or expand selected text.
Angle A positive angle rotates the note counterclockwise.

Insert Hyperlink Adds a hyperlink to the note. The entire note becomes a hyperlink. Underlining is not automatic, but you can add it by clearing Use document font and clicking Font.

Link to Property Lets you access drawing properties and component properties from any model in the drawing so you can add them to the text string.
Add Symbol Lets you access the symbol libraries so you can add symbols to text. Place the pointer in the note text box where you want the symbol to appear, then click Add Symbol.

Lock/Unlock note (Available in drawings only.) Fixes the note in place. When you edit the note, you can adjust the bounding box, but you cannot move the note itself.
Insert Geometric Tolerance Inserts a geometric tolerance symbol into the note. The Geometric Tolerance PropertyManager and the Properties dialog box open so you can define the symbol.
Insert Surface Finish Symbol Inserts a surface finish symbol into the note. The Surface Finish PropertyManager opens so you can define the symbol.
Insert Datum Feature Inserts a datum feature symbol into the note. The Datum Feature PropertyManager opens so you can define the symbol.
If there is an existing geometric tolerance, surface finish, or datum feature symbol in the drawing, you can click the symbol while you edit the note to insert the symbol in the note. To edit the symbol, you must edit the existing symbol in the drawing sheet. When you edit the existing symbol, all instances of the symbol are updated in the sheet.
Add Zone Inserts zone information into the text. In the Add Zone dialog box, select one:


Inserts column and row, for example, E2

Zone Column

Inserts only column, for example, E

Zone Row

Inserts only row, for example, 2

Flag Note Bank In a drawing with a Flag Note Bank, inserts a flag note into a note.
Link Table Cell Links a note to the contents of any BOM or hole table cell.
Insert DimXpert general profile tolerance Inserts a general all over profile tolerance feature control frame in a note.
  Manual view label (For projected, detail, section, aligned section, and auxiliary view labels only.) Overrides the options in Document Properties - View Labels. When selected, you can edit the label text. If you later clear the check box, the label updates according to the corresponding View Label options.
  Use document layout When cleared, you can add content to the label without the SOLIDWORKS software automatically moving/removing the content the next time you edit Document Properties or there is a rebuild.
  Use document font Uses the font specified in Document Properties - Notes.
  Font When Use document font is cleared, click Font to open the Choose Font dialog box. Select a new font style, size, and other text effects.
  All uppercase Sets the text of the note to display in uppercase.
The text appears in uppercase but the actual text value is not converted. If you edit the text value in the Edit in Window dialog box or the Custom page of the Properties dialog box, the text appears as you originally entered it.
To toggle the All uppercase setting on or off without opening the PropertyManager, select a note or balloon and click Shift + F3.
  Include prefix, suffix and tolerance of dimensions When selected, if you insert a dimension into a note, any symbols or tolerances included with the dimension appear in the note. When cleared, the dimension appears in the note, but any symbols or tolerances are omitted.

Block Attribute

You can add attribute names to notes in blocks. Attributes are similar to properties in a part, drawing, or assembly.

The Block Attribute section is available only when editing a note (below, "FW") in a block.

Attribute name Select a note in the block. Text appears in this box for notes with attributes imported from AutoCAD. You can type or edit the attribute name in the text field provided.

You can choose for an attribute to be Read only, Invisible, or both. Clear Read only to change the Attribute name for each block instance.

You can edit this attribute/value pair from the Block PropertyManager.


Leader Creates a simple leader from the note to the drawing.
Multi-jog Leader Creates a leader from the note to the drawing with one or more bends.
Spline Leader (Available in drawings only.) Creates a spline leader from the note to the drawing. To modify the spline leader, select the note and drag the control vertex points.
VDA Leader (Available in drawings only.) Used with circular balloons to create VDA balloons, which are frequently used in the German automotive industry.

No Leader  
Auto Leader Automatically inserts a leader if you select an entity such as a model or sketch edge.
Leader Left Originates from the left of the note.
Leader Right Originates from the right of the note.
Leader Nearest Originates from the left or right of the note, depending on which is closest.
Straight Leader  
Bent Leader  
Underlined Leader  
Attach Leader Top In multiline notes, attaches leader to top of note.
Attach Leader Center In multiline notes, attaches leader to center of note.
Attach Leader Bottom In multiline notes, attaches leader to bottom of note.
Attach Leader Nearest In multiline notes, left leader attaches to the top of note and right leader attaches to the bottom of note.
Always Attached to Balloon Sets a balloon's leader to always attach to the balloon.
Break Around Sets a balloon's leader to break around quantity.
  To bounding box Select to position leader with bounding box instead of note content. The leaders associated with the note are vertically aligned based on the size of the bounding box instead of the text.
  Arrow Style

Select an arrowhead style.

Smart arrowhead

Applies the appropriate arrowhead depending on the detailing standard.

  Apply to all Select to apply a change to all of the arrowheads of the selected note. If the selected note has multiple leaders, and Auto Leader is not selected, you can use a different arrowhead style for each individual leader.

Leader/Frame Style

Use document display Select to use the style and thickness configured in Document Properties - Notes. Clear to set leader style or thickness .


Specifies a geometric shape (or None) to enclose the text. You can apply borders to entire notes and portions of notes. For portions of notes, select any portion of the note and select a border.
Triangle border style
Size Specifies Tight Fit to the text, a fixed number of characters, or User Defined (where you can set the size below).
If you select Tight Fit, you can add padding to specify an offset between the border and text.
Add to Flag Note Bank Available in numbered formatted notes. Left-click a flag note number and select Add to Flag Note Bank to add the note to the Flag Note Bank.


Available in parts and assemblies when a note on the Notes Area annotation view is displayed as a watermark.


Behind geometry

The watermark appears obscured by the model.

On top of geometry

The watermark appears on top of the model.


Controls the level of the watermark transparency. This watermark is on top of the geometry with a transparency of 70%.

Flag Note Bank

Balloon Flag note number.
Zone Flag note zone location.
Sheet Flag note sheet.
Note Flag note text.


Wordwrap Select to enable wordwrap, and optionally, enter the width of the note text box in Wordwrap width.


X Coordinate Enter the location for the note center.
Y Coordinate Enter the location for the note center.
  Display on the screen Enter the note position in the graphics area. With Display on the screen, the X and Y coordinates are shown in the graphics area where you can type coordinates. The (0,0) position is the lower left corner of the drawing sheet.


In drawings with named layers, select a Layer .

Display behind sheet

Available on sheet format. Select to display the annotation note on the sheet format behind drawing objects.