Stack Note

Allows you to add or edit stacked text when you create or edit notes.

To stack text in a note:

  1. Activate a note.
  2. Insert the pointer where the stacked text is to be added, or select text, and click Stack Tool_Stack_Font.gif (Formatting pop-up toolbar).


Style Defines the display of the stacked text:
  stacked_text_w_line.gif With line
  stacked_text_no_line.gif Without line
  stacked_text_diagonal.gif Diagonal
Alignment Aligns normal text with:
  Upper portion of stacked text
  Middle of stacked text
  stacked_text_bottom_align.gif Lower portion of stacked text
Stack Size Defines the size of the text up to 100% relative to the font size.


Upper Displays text in the upper portion of the stack.
Lower Displays text in the lower portion of the stack.