Document Properties - Detailing

You can specify document-level drafting settings for detailing options. Available for all document types.

To open this page:

With a drawing open, click Options (Standard toolbar), select the Document Properties tab, and then select Detailing.


Display filter Select annotation types to display by default or select Display all types.  
Point, Axis, and Coordinate System

Set font and display options for reference geometry names and labels for points, axes, and coordinate systems.

This option is not available for drawings.

Hide names

Hides reference geometry names for points, axes, and coordinate systems.

Name font

Sets the font for the names of points, axes, and coordinate systems.

Label font

Sets the font for the labels of coordinate system arrows.

Always display text at the same size Select to display all annotations and dimensions at the same size, regardless of zoom.This also applies to 3D Views in MBD.
This option is disabled for drawings, which always zoom the text height.
Text scale For part and assembly documents, clear Always display text at the same size to select a scale for the default size of annotation text. To set a custom text scale, select Custom, then enter the first and second value of the custom scale. For example, enter 3 and 10 to set the scale to 3:10.

If you specify Text scale in a 3D View, the text size applies to the 3D View in published 3D PDF files.

Display items only in the view orientation in which they are created For parts and assemblies, select to display annotations only when the model has the same orientation as when the annotation was added. Rotating the model or selecting a different view orientation removes the annotation from the display.

Display annotations / Display assembly annotations Select to display all annotation types that are selected in the Display filter. For assemblies, this option applies to the annotations that belong to the assembly and to the annotations that are displayed in the individual part documents.  
Use assembly setting for all components Select to match the display settings for all annotations to the settings for the assembly document, regardless of the settings for individual part documents. Select Display assembly annotations in addition to this option to display different combinations of annotations.  
Hide dangling dimensions and annotations For parts or assemblies, select to hide:
  • Dangling dimensions and annotations in referenced drawings that result from deleted features
  • Dangling reference dimensions that result from suppressed features
For drawings, select to hide dangling annotations.
Highlight associated elements on reference dimension selection For parts or assemblies, select to highlight elements associated with selected reference dimensions.
Show DimXpert when viewing component annotations For assemblies, select to view component-level DimXpert annotations.
It may be required to set other display controls to view DimXpert annotations.
Use model color for HLR/HLV in drawings Select to view the model colors of a part or assembly in a drawing in HLR/HLV. This setting overrides colors in Tools > Options > System Options > Colors. However, any assigned layer overrides this setting.
Link child view to parent view configuration Select to link child views, for example, a projected view, to the parent view configuration. If linked, changing the parent view configuration changes the child view.  
Hatch density limit

For drawings, controls the maximum number of hatch lines created within a hatch pattern.

Import annotations Clear From entire assembly to import only top-level assembly annotations.

Select to import annotations for all components, which might impact performance.

Auto insert on view creation Select:
  • Center marks - holes -part
  • Center marks - fillets -part
  • Center marks - slots -part
  • Dowel symbols -part
  • Center marks - holes -assembly
  • Center marks - fillets -assembly
  • Center marks - slots -assembly
  • Dowel symbols -assembly
  • Connection lines to hole patterns with center marks
  • Centerlines to add centerlines to model faces with parallel edges.
    Centerlines are not inserted automatically if Large Assembly Settings is enabled, or if the number of components exceeds the threshold for large assemblies, even if this option is selected.
  • Balloons to add balloons to all visible components, without duplicates in multiple views
  • Dimensions marked for drawing to add dimensions to models, without duplicates in multiple views
    The dimensions are indicated in the part sketches as Mark for drawing.

Cosmetic thread display Select High Quality to determine if cosmetic threads should be visible or hidden. For example, if a hole (not a through hole) is on the back of a model, and the model is in a front view, the cosmetic thread is hidden. You can set the display for each drawing view individually in the Drawing View PropertyManager under Cosmetic Thread Display.
Area hatch display Select Show halo around annotations to display space around dimensions and annotations that belong to the drawing view or a sketch and are on top of an area hatch.



View break lines
  • Gap to set the distance between break lines in a break view
  • Extension to set length of the break lines beyond the model geometry in a break view

Select Scale by view scale for Jagged Style to automatically scale jagged outlines to the drawing view scale.

Center of mass

Enter Symbol size to set a default symbol size.

Select Scale by view scale to automatically scale the center of mass symbol to the drawing view scale.