Editing the Definition of a Smart Component

You can add, delete, or modify associated components, features, and mates of a Smart Component. You edit the definition of the Smart Component by reconstructing a temporary assembly from the defining data stored in the Smart Component document.

To edit the definition of a Smart Component:

  1. Open a smart component.
    When you establish a component as smart in the Smart Component PropertyManager, data captured in the component document includes external references to associated components. Also, information required to create associated features and reconstruct the defining assembly is captured.
  2. Right-click Smart Feature in the FeatureManager design tree and click Edit in Defining Assembly.
    A temporary assembly opens. It contains the Smart Component and its associated components and features.
  3. Change the temporary assembly. For example, add new components or modify features.
  4. Click Edit Definition on the pop-up toolbar.
  5. Change options in the Smart Components PropertyManager. For example, select newly added components for Components associated with Smart Component or change configurations in the Configurator Table.
  6. Click .
  7. Save the assembly and click Yes to save the modified referenced models.
  8. Close the assembly.
    The changes in the defining data are saved in the Smart Component document. The temporary assembly disappears.