Component Patterns

You can create patterns of components in assemblies in several ways.

  • Create a linear or circular pattern of components.
  • Create curve driven or sketch driven patterns of components.
  • Use a component, in addition to a feature, to drive a pattern driven pattern. The component can be in the same assembly or within a subassembly. The component can be driven by an assembly-level pattern such as a Linear, Circular or Hole Wizard series, or by a feature driven pattern.

You can change the visibility or suppression state of all of the components in the pattern. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the pattern feature and click Hide Components, Show Components, Suppress, Unsuppress, or Isolate Components.

You can dissolve a component pattern to make its components independent. One benefit is that you can individually move and rotate components that were in the pattern. One drawback is that you cannot hide and suppress all the components in the pattern because the pattern feature is gone.