Working in the CostingManager

There are different ways that you can manipulate items in the CostingManager.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop items into other valid locations in the CostingManager. For example, you can drag a hole pattern to the No Cost Assigned FM_folder.gif folder. You can also drag and drop operations between Setup FM_folder.gif folders.

Item Selection

You can multiselect (Ctrl + select or Shift + select) items in the CostingManager to apply a common option to the selected items. For example, you can multiselect two setup operations and apply the same cost override value to them.

Moving Items in Setup Folders

You can move items between various Setup FM_folder.gif folders. This is helpful if you have machines that can make parts with fewer setups. For example, when you start Costing for a machined part, the Costing tool might create two setup operations because there are machining features on two side faces of the part. However, you may have a machine that can manufacture both features without changing the setup. Therefore, you can move the features from Setup Operation 2 setup_operation_folder.gif to Setup Operation 1 setup_operation_folder.gif to reduce the cost by eliminating Setup Operation 2 setup_operation_folder.gif.


You can use the keyboard to navigate the CostingManager.

Expanding and Collapsing Items

When you right-click a folder in the CostingManager, you can Expand All or Collapse All.