Costing Sensors

You can use costing sensors to track material, manufacturing, and total part cost, and set an alert if cost exceeds a value.

To create a costing sensor:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the Sensors folder and click Add Sensor.
  2. In Sensor Type, select Costing Data.
  3. In Data Quantity, select one:
    • Total Cost
    • Material Cost
    • Manufacturing Cost
  4. To set an alert that notifies you when cost value deviates from your set limit:
    1. Select Alert.
    2. Specify an operator and one or two numeric values.
      Operators include:
      • is greater than
      • is less than
      • is exactly
      • is not greater than
      • is not less than
      • is not exactly
      • is between
      • is not between
  5. Click .

    The sensor and its current value appear in the Sensors folder in the FeatureManager design tree. The sensor value updates when the costing data is updated.