Underconstrained Bodies

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, for static studies only, the Underconstrained Bodies algorithm includes contact interactions and bolt connectors when detecting rigid (or free) body modes of components.

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard and SOLIDWORKS Premium, the Underconstrained Bodies algorithm does not include these improvements and remains unchanged from previous releases.

To open the Underconstrained Bodies PropertyManager:

In the Simulation study tree, right-click the Connections node, and click Find Underconstrained Bodies.

The improved algorithm offers the following advantages compared to the legacy Underconstrained Bodies functionality:
  • Faster detection of free body modes because the solver performs Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) over the reduced stiffness matrix.
  • Inclusion of contact interactions and bolt connectors when analyzing free body modes.
  • Realistic visualization of free body modes in planes that are inclined to the orthogonal planes that are defined by the global X-, Y-, and Z-axes.
  • Improved visualization of unconstrained displacements for the whole assembly.