Top Enhancements

The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS® 2023 provide improvements to existing products and innovative new functionality.

Parts and Features

  • Coordinate Systems
  • Dimension Support for the Move/Copy Body Command
  • Single-Line Fonts for Wrap Features

Sheet Metal

  • Sensors

Structure System and Weldments

  • Corner Treatment to Similar Corners in Structure Systems
  • Configuration-Specific Size of Weldment Members


  • Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode
  • Repairing a Missing Mate Reference
  • Additional End Conditions for Cut Features

Detailing and Drawings

  • Overrides for Bills of Materials
  • Filters for Bill of Materials


  • Autoballoons for PDF Files
  • Balloon Sequence
  • Balloon Drawing Sheets Separately
  • Export Sheets as Separate 2D PDF Files
  • Export FAI Reports to Separate Microsoft® Excel® Documents
  • User Interface Redesign


  • Limiting Geometric Tolerances to a Standard
  • Dimension Extension Lines