You can use the Rotate tool (Heads-up View toolbar) to rotate part and assembly models, as well as drawing, detail, and section views of drawings.

This information is specific to one or more CAD systems. See the eDrawings Functionality Matrix for availability information.
  • The eDrawings software supports display of 3D annotations.
  • To rotate models published from SOLIDWORKS with wireframe, HLR, or HLV views, you must select the Draft Quality HLR/HLV option (View toolbar) in SOLIDWORKS.
  • Annotations in eDrawings part or assembly files published prior to SOLIDWORKS 2006 display improperly when you rotate the model. Re-publish the files in SOLIDWORKS 2006 or later to improve quality.

Rotating Models

To rotate models, do one of the following:

  • Click Rotate tool_Rotate.gif (Heads-up View toolbar) or View > Rotate and drag in the graphics area.
  • Press the arrow keys to rotate vertically or horizontally in 10° increments; hold down Shift with the arrow keys for 90° increments.
  • Hold down the middle mouse button and drag.

Rotating Views in Drawings

To rotate views in drawings:

  1. Select a drawing, detail, or section view.
  2. Click Rotate tool_Rotate.gif (Heads-up View toolbar) or View > Rotate.
    The active view zooms to fit in the graphics area and the pointer changes to .
  3. Drag to rotate the view.
    The drawing view is replaced by the model in the graphics area, so you are rotating the model from which the drawing was created. Annotations are hidden during rotation.
    To return drawings to their original state, click Reset .

    You cannot use the arrow keys or the middle mouse button to rotate views in drawings.